“Be yourself… everyone else is already taken”
- Oscar Wilde -

Meet Xander

I have the best job in the world. Actual fact.

Being able to bring so much joy and happiness is an amazing feeling – I pretty much have to pinch myself every day.

I’m fortunate to have two troublesome teenagers – Cici & Tom… who also just happen to be perfect.

Apart from photography – music and gigs are two big influences on my life. Music touches the soul don’t you think? If only Glastonbury was more often.

We live in leafy Surrey, surrounded by trees and a menagerie of (semi-domesticated) pets. With only a short hop into London I’m lucky to have the best of both worlds.

When I’m not photographing or rushing around after my kids you will probably find me eating cake, meeting up with friends and experimenting (badly) with cocktails… preferably all at the same time.

Apart from the treasured people in our family we also have other four and even six legged friends at home too.

This is Monty – he has amazing blue eyes, he’s also 23. Yes 23. Almost as ancient as the hills but we still love him to bits. He however loves chicken korma which we think might be the secret to his long life. Who knew (Monty did).

We also have a spaniel called Maisy and we’d be surprised if you could find a more soppy dog on planet Earth. She loves a bit of honey every now and then (all the time) too, but she still doesn’t understand why our bees don’t want to be her friend. She keeps trying though. Bless.

Finally, these are our lovely bees who buzz about our garden and beyond pollinating everything insight and making delicious honey. As bees go they are very chilled and are pretty good about tolerating Maisy when she stops by with a waggy tail every day to say hello.

Mini Q&A with Xander

Environmental Impact

We are also trying to do our bit to be more environmentally friendly.

Last year, in conjunction with Trees For Cities we helped plant trees for almost all of our wedding clients. But we know we can do better.

This year we plan to expand the scheme so that we plant at least one tree for every wedding couple. Paying it forward with a tree – from our family to the start of yours. If you like we can include a note when planting your tree, or, you can even come along with us and plant a tree yourselves (digging required!) in and around London. Please do get in touch if you would like more info.

Mother nature has been looking after us, so we are trying harder to look after her.

“For me, photography is about capturing the emotion… the poetry between the lines”
- Xander -