FAQ - How We Work

How would you describe your style?

Our style is relaxed & natural. We love to let you get on and enjoy everything whilst we are capturing the whole day as it unfolds. 90% of the time we are photographing documentary style, the only times that may need a bit more arranging (to keep you looking natural) are for some of the couples shots and for the family group photos (if you want any), otherwise we are just being as unobtrusive as possible.

How long are you there on our wedding day?

This simply depends on how long you want us there! With most weddings we start with the bride getting ready – finishing touches to make up etc, as this is something the groom never gets to see. We usually then stay until about an hour into the dancing so we can get some fabulous shots of the first dance itself and then some of everyone else joining in for full dancefloor action, as this is when the party really gets going! We are happy to stay until the end, especially if there are fireworks or an outfit change and a proper leaving/wave goodbye with sparklers etc. But we understand that every couple is different, so we simply stay for as long as required. We will always come and say goodbye before leaving.

How far will you travel?

Anywhere on planet earth is fine by us! We have photographed weddings on many continents (btw a wedding in Antarctica would literally make our year). We are based in Surrey just outside London, but are happy travelling anywhere in the UK and beyond.

Do you offer albums?

Yes we most certainly do! We provide the most amazing range of hand-made bespoke albums from the best album manufacturer in the world – Queensberry. They make the most fabulous albums with a sumptuous collection of cover materials (from silk to leather to suede etc) as well as a range of different page options and styles too. Please ask for a viewing and we can show you some finished albums and swatches too – they are stunning.

Next Steps

If you would like to book us its simply 50% as a deposit and the returned booking form. You then receive emailed confirmation and we get very excited – its on! We then like to stay in contact to answer any questions you may have with regards to the photography or indeed anything wedding related. Then, closer to your wedding day we chat again to discuss the schedule and any family group photos you might want etc. This really helps manage everyone’s expectations and means on the day we don’t have to ask you any questions – everyone already knows the plan!

We are feeling a bit anxious about how to pose for the couples photos

Oh please don’t worry at all! This is such a fun part of the day, just relax and we’ll simply show, or sometimes even demonstrate what to do. We promise nothing stuffy or formal, just great fun photos. We tend to take you both away for 20 mins or so, depending on what you want. We like to call it composed rather than posed – to keep it as natural as possible. If you can both hold hands and walk at the same time we are good to go!

How many photographers should I have?

How many would you like? Often one is enough, depending on number of guests, especially if you want us to be unobtrusive and discreet, this often gets the best candid photos from you and your guests too. However, if you would like two (or more!) photographers then we simply bring along some more team members to suit your needs.

What is your pricing?

We don’t do standard pricing as we’re guessing you are not having a standard wedding. We understand your wedding is unique so we tailor our pricing to suit your specific requirements. It depends on a few variables such as the number of guests, hours, location etc. Its best to have a quick chat with us first to discuss your requirements and to make sure we are quoting for what you really want. Please contact us on +44 (0)1372 842522 or hello@xandercasey.co.uk for more details.

Should we chat/meet before the day?

We love meeting clients before the big day as we get to know you that little bit better, video conferencing can work well too. However, we still photograph lots of weddings in the UK and abroad where we’ve not met the client beforehand. These clients are comfortable simply trusting us to do what we do best, and we find this a huge honour. We like to think we are flexible and easy to work with, so we do whatever makes you comfortable and relaxed on the day. What works for you is best for us.

What camera gear do you have?

We use Canon’s top of the range flagship cameras & lenses for the very best quality. Yes its expensive, but it buys peace of mind for everybody. Its all cleaned and serviced regularly and we always bring backup kit including tons of batteries and memory cards etc too. Class leading kit also means we have no problem photographing candle lit ceremonies or even a stormy windswept beach at dusk, if that takes your fancy. Whatever the adventure, our kit won’t let us down.

Talking of wet weather?

We always discuss and plan A and have a back up plan B too, so no matter what the weather we’ll be capturing amazing images for you. As a side note, photographing in the rain is always amazing (that stormy windswept beach again!) just pack a couple of plain white umbrellas and an adventure to last a lifetime awaits! Also, despite living in the UK and having photographed hundreds of weddings and events we have always managed to photograph outside should the clients wish to do so.

Do you edit/airbrush the photos?

Yes we edit every image and undertake some sympathetic airbrushing so you are looking your very best, its just subtly done so you stay looking real.

How many photos do you take?

This depends on how long we are there for and how many guests you have etc, but it tends to range from 300 to 600+ airbrushed photos.

What about video?

We work closely with a number of videographers so can suggest the perfect one for you based on the style you are after and budget. Please do contact us for more information.

Are you insured, and do you have Royal Palace clearance?

Yes indeed – we have both public liability and professional indemnity insurance. We have already been checked to work at Royal Palaces etc too.

Are you a member of any professional trade bodies?

Yes – we are members of The SWPP (Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers). We agree to abide by good practice guidelines and a strict code of conduct etc. We think this is peace of mind for everyone.

What do you wear?

Good question! We try and fit in with what your guests will be wearing. Always smart, but by blending in as much as possible we can be unobtrusive and discreet.

How long do you need to edit the photos and to make the album?

We like to have your photos ready about 3-4 weeks after your wedding. It varies a bit depending on the number of weddings we have on. As for albums, its about 4 weeks from receiving your sign off on the design. Its always lovely to see your photos printed in the album and we count down the delivery date with huge excitement and anticpation!


If you have any other questions or queries please do get in touch on +44 (0)1372 842522 or hello@xandercasey.co.uk for more details.