The Corinthia

The Corinthia is chic London at its finest. Its uniquely contemporary vibe washes over you the moment you walk in the lobby and you see THAT two ton chandelier, I mean… wow!

Xander Casey Photography has been photographing at The Corinthia from the moment it reopened in 2011 and we love it, each wedding seems to always outdo the last. Amazing ideas, amazing vision, that’s the Corinthia.

Ceremonies in the Courtroom followed by a banquet in the newly refurbished ballroom. All with oodles of natural light.

The Courtroom is also great for more intimate weddings, its mirrored wall looks amazing for ceremonies. A quick turn around by the Corinthia’s super pro ops-team and its ready again for a banquet.

Also, you must try and see the views from the Penthouse! Possibly one of the best views in all of London.

The Corinthia has everything you need for a perfect wedding, it’s THE Grand Hotel for the 21st Century and today’s modern couple.