Country Weddings

Country Weddings

There is something wonderful about gathering all your loved ones together in a country house somewhere away from the hub-bub of town and celebrating together into the wee small hours.

A quintessentially English country wedding is an ultimate dream. Surrounding yourself with nature and the great outdoors is a perfect way to exchange the hustle & bustle of today’s hectic work life, and turn it into an atmosphere of calm, relaxation and togetherness.

Here at Xander Casey Photography we love country weddings, and outdoor weddings too, a perfect beginning to the rest of your life. Think romantic walks, picturesque scenery and Bridget Jones. No wait, actually, perhaps don’t think of Bridget Jones… but hopefully you know what we mean.

A country wedding has everything you need, just remember to bring a change of footwear, as Jimmy Choo’s and cornfields don’t really mix – ask us how we know!

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